Early History of the Radcliff Presbyterian Church

Our history dates back to March 24, 1984 when the Leitchfield Presbytery (of the Cumberland Presbytery) directed its Board of Missions to do a feasibility study of the Radcliff area for a new church development project. Chaplain Ray Howton announced a meeting at the Radcliff Christian Church for those interested in a Presbyterian Church in Radcliff. At the meeting, a steering committee was elected and reported to the Board of Missions on February 22, 1985. The Reverend O. Thomas Powell agreed to serve as Probe Leader for the new fellowship on June 1, 1985. The fellowship met on Sunday afternoons in the Radcliff Christian Church until July 13, 1986 when it moved to a building located on North Dixie.

In March 1989, 11 acres of land was purchased for future building needs at the intersection of Logsdon Parkway and Highway 313. On April 8, 1990, there were 60 people on the Covenant Roll and the Radcliff Presbyterian Church was organized. The church is the first union church of the two denominations in Kentucky. Radcliff became the 57th church into the Cumberland Presbytery and the 75th church in the Louisville Presbytery.

Construction on our current home began in May 1992 with a volunteer work week. Over 40 members from the Cumberland Presbyterian Church volunteered to work and “raise” the building. By the end of the week, much of the foundation work had been completed at a substantial savings. Our first worship service in the new building was held on November 29, 1992.